Table Tents for Hotels
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How Table Tents Can Increase Revenue of Your Restaurant?

Be it hotels, restaurants, cafés or bars, table tents are one of the most important accessories. Whenever you visit any popular food junction, table tents immediately catches your eye because of the way it is used to display special food dishes and drinks. Table tents often compliment the menu. Hotels and restaurants can promote seasonal or special dishes instead of including them into a regular menu. This is one of the most effective ways of increasing revenue by creating an attractive visual appeal of special delicacies. Table tents can help a restaurant in increasing its revenue in numerous ways.

Table Tents for Special Deals

Table tents are an effective marketing tool through which the restaurant can announce special deals for its customers with the aim of increasing revenue. Some of the leading food chains utilize table tents for restaurants wisely to promote a package that is value for money for clients as well as the business. You would have seen offers like free beverages on buying a combo meal. Promoting such special deals on table tents helps in increasing the sales of combo meals that ultimately leads to an increase in revenue for the restaurants.

Table Tents for Hotels
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Extra Sales with Table Tents

As per the general setup, the table tent is placed on the table so that it can be seen by everyone sitting around the table. Some tempting photos of food dishes or desserts are placed on the table tents for great visibility. Some of the customers may look at the special dishes displayed on table tents before checking the menu and some customers check it out after ordering their food from the menu. Sometimes, it happens that while waiting for their food, one of the catchy images on the table tent gets their attention and they get it included in their order. Restaurants can easily increase their revenue with the help of extra sales by simply displaying attractive images of food dishes on the table tent.

Restaurant Event Promotion with Table Tents

Many hotels and restaurants host events like comedy shows and bands. Table tents for restaurants can be very useful in creating awareness of such events to get more audience and more revenue. In addition, several restaurants offer special packages for birthday parties, gatherings, and catering services. Promotion of these packages on the table tents helps restaurants in increasing their revenue easily.

Conveying Right Message with Table Tents

It is very important that the table tents deliver the message effectively. The message should be clear and tempting so that the customers act quickly on that. The design of the message is also one of the very important aspects. It should contain attractive and visually appealing images and text. Similarly, the print quality should also be excellent as it is ultimately used for promoting a specific product of a restaurant to increase sales. Taking care of all these important aspects helps restaurants in increasing their revenue with the help of table tents.