Best Menu Cover for Hotels
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Menu Cover – The first Insight of a Restaurant

As it is always said that “First impressions are the lasting impressions”, while in case of restaurants also this saying is quite applicable. Every restaurant has its own ambience and feel that differs it from all other restaurants. This feel should be maintained in the food served, in the services provided, in the table set up and as well as in the menu card provided.

Maintaining the quality of the food is the prime objective of a restaurant, but other equally important objective that a restaurant should take care of is to have attractive and effective menu covers.

Menu covers represent the nature and audacity of your restaurants and it also reflects the prestige and elegance of your restaurant in the market. Every ideal high class restaurant uses leather menu covers. Leather covers with metallic corners gives an appreciating look to the menu cover.

The design of every menu cover should be according to the type and theme of the restaurant as ultimately the menu cover represents the brand value of the particular restaurant.

Various menu cover designs for various restaurants

Fine Dining:

Fine dining restaurants are the restaurants with full service and a family restaurant with the best quality meal courses. Menu cover designs of such restaurants are generally decent that pleases the eyes of the customers. It just contains the logo, name and tag-line of the restaurant and are often made from leather.

Fine dining also offers a wine book. The design of wine menu cover is also decent and is made of leather.


Ethnic restaurants have specification of serving the authentic and national cuisines. For example: American ethnic restaurant serves American cuisines. Menu cover of these restaurants should also be designed as per the culture followed by the particular nationality. By looking at the menu, a sense of cultural feel should be emerged in the customers.

Along with the food, the menu cover design should also be ethnic and should give the customer a glance of the ethnic dishes served by the restaurant.


Cafés are generally informal eateries that mostly serve hot and cold beverages and snacks. A full meal courses are generally not served in a café. Café is usually used as an informal gathering spot.

Café Menu designs are generally very much attractive and eye catching. These menu cards have doodles and different figures and pictures on their covers that seems really very captivating for the customers.

Brasserie and Bistro:

Term bistro actually indicates Continental menu. This restaurant has refined décor, fewer tables and higher prices.

Menu covers of bistro are a combination of decency and attractiveness. It also seems attractive as it has figures on the cover and is also has a tinge of delicacy in the design which is soothing for the eyes of customers.

Casual Dining:

The name itself suggests that this kind of restaurant has casual ambience and is generally comfortable to the customers. It is also a family diner and it has unique décor.

Casual dine menus have a mature and casual design. It does not contain various colors and shades in its design. It is just a simple formal design that the customers appreciate as it seems casual like the restaurant and the food served.

Necessity to design the menu covers accordingly.

It is necessary to design the menu cover, according to the type of restaurant because it leaves quite an impact on the customer regarding the identity of the particular restaurant.

Menu covers are the recognition of the restaurants prestige. Hence, they should always be kept clean and should be of good quality. Money invested in designing the menu cover is always worth as it increases the prestige and goodwill of the restaurant.