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What Is The Place Of Menu Covers In Occasion/Events?

Everything is in the art of preparation

It is important to address this topic since restoration is not just about food. For different types of dishes, there are various presentations and for different types of people, there are many aspects. We will all agree that each institution participates in an event, only once in the year. And how to make it a success? It’s easy: make sure people talk about it!


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Menus in occasions such as marriage play a dual role.

  • The first is of course informative.

    The menus should explain to the guests what they will find on their plate. The reception of the wedding is one of the most important moments of the festivities because to eat well already an assurance of success. We like to know what we eat, discuss and share our opinion.

  • The second objective is purely decorative

    and pre dominates more and more the main goal. The menu cover is an integral part of the decoration wedding menu. Today’s weddings revolve around an atmosphere rather than a concrete theme such as cinema, cabaret or photography. We do not necessarily look for staggered ideas, but rather harmonious.

Accessories are a very important part of the overall decorative picture. The role of a wedding planner is to help couples stay consistent in their choice of announcements, through the booklets, menus, labels or even table tents. It is important that all these printed elements have a common visual identity. It can be a color, a font or a graphic pattern.

What formats support for the wedding menu?

The supports for the wedding menus are as diverse as they are nice, they must stay in keeping with the rest of the décor such as:-

  • A menu per person on the plate
  • A common menu in the middle of the table
  • A menu for the whole room, posted at the entrance

Placed On The Plate

The most traditional is the menu on the plate of each guest. It is then printed on a sheet that can be decorated with a ribbon, a lace or a flower. We can also imagine more original formats like typical opening, wallets or fans.

At The Center Of The Table

Those who prefer a more refined rendering of the tables will opt for the menu at the center of the table on table tents. This format allows giving free rein to his imagination.

A Giant Menu

For country style weddings, it is not uncommon to see menus on giant slates, placed at the entrance of the room in the manner of some restaurants. But we can also imagine it in another creative form, made using scrap booking techniques, collage or embroidery.

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