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A Brief Introduction – About Us:

Menu Covers is one of the leading producer and manufacturer of handcrafted, high- quality faux leather products like Menu Covers, Leather Menu Covers, Table Accessories, and Table Placemat. Specially curated to fit the needs of hotels and restaurants around the globe. We have a wide range of products for you to choose from, we cover all your accessories requirements and cater to your every diverse need. If you need help and assistance while shopping with us, our experts are available to help. They give advice, provide a sample and even help with rush orders.


What We Make – Our Products:

Our diverse range of products are especially made to cater to different needs of different clients. Ranging from table top products to various other accessories like Airport sign, Notepad etc. Each product is made from grained faux leather and comes in a variety of colours. These products are stain resistant and easy to maintain. Buy now and customise these products with you logo deboss

Menu Covers:

Stylish, super premium Menu Covers with long shelf life comes in different styles and colours. A complete steal at such an affordable price with added advantages of being handcrafted, high quality, durable products that last 3 times longer than usual. This elegant piece is made with bonded thread which provides stronger strength. Clear and durable PVC is used for longer life.

Leather Tablecloths:

Save money by investing in high quality faux leather table accessories for your hotels and restaurants. Products like full table cover,(reversible) place mats and leather table runners which can be customized with logo placement in deboss and size according to your requirement. This product will bring down the cost of your laundry and will make your table more appealing and stylish.


Stylish and elegant pieces of accessories to choose, ranging from your restaurant needs like Ice Bucket Holder,Table Tents, Check Presenter to additional hotel accessories. Choose among this wide variety or all of it to have an elegant lasting effect on your customers. These products can be customized with your logo.

Hotel Products:

Up your presentation game with our exclusively curated hotel products. These products range from Airport Sign, Sugar Packet Holder to Notepad and Ring Binder for hotels. We cover your requirements in the most stylish and elegant way all while keeping them easy to maintain and clean. Products can be customized with logo deboss as it’s most effective and lasting.

Our Customers: 

We are happy to share our some working experiences with Legend Hospitality, Financial Services and Restaurants Service provider in USA markets. Some of our major work experience is following-

We have Their Trust-

  1. Visa – Financial Services
  2. Sofitel- Hotel Chain
  3. Sheraton- Hotel and Resorts
  4. Pigari – Piegari Ristorante
  5. P.F. Change – Chinese Bistro- Restaurants Company
  6. Nespresso- Coffee
  7. Hyatt – Hotels
  8. Grossa _ Hotels
  9. Freedo
  10. Chandon – Wineries Company
  11. American Express – Financial Services
  12. Intercontinental- Hotels and Resorts