Menu Cover Material
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Our Quality

We,, sell our products all over the world and have menu covers for restaurants of all types, and for all levels of establishment.

Our menu covers are made of 3 mm thick non-deformable rigid cardboard with triple pressing.

The best menu covers in the world are made in this way. The menu covers have a position inside to place an advertisement or part of the menu. Inside, the menu cover has rigid panels that adapt to the needs of each client.

It can be a rigid panel that allows to put four pages on each menu cover or it can be two for sin pages or it can be three or four for eight and ten pages.

It is a menu cover of extreme elegance, resistant to the passage of time, they are menu covers that last between five and eight years depending on the use of the restaurant.

The faux leather with which they are made is completely washable, anti-stain and anti-odor. It is really an Italian faux leather that is identical to the natural leather, that really not even an expert can identify with the naked eye what could be the natural and what could be the faux Italian leather.

The great advantage that faux leather has over natural leather is that, in addition to the price that is five or six times lower, it is a much more durable material.

This menu cover is made in letter format or is also made to measure because they are made by experienced bookbinders manually.

Our factory uses only first class materials to make our menu covers, and that’s why they are the best in the market. In none of our menu menus will you be able to find defects or terminations at random, we manufacture excellence for first class customers.

In fact, our main customers are first-line companies that need our products and buy them for their quality and for their excellence as well as for their price.

We present in this line of menu covers the Super Premium model that in its standard version measures 9 by 12 inches, and the Elegance model that measures 8 by 14 inches.

We also make custom menu covers of different sizes that adapt to the needs of each client.

This diversity of measures does not influence the price since one can make a menu cover with a special measure chosen by the client without the effect of distortion or price increase.

In we have guaranteed our quality over the years and we are willing to maintain the quality of our products in the future.