Leather Tablecloths
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Why Leather Tablecloths?

Many of our customers choose to use our faux leather tablecloth. Not only because they look great and enhance the look of their restaurants, but because it saves them a lot of money every month.

The leather tablecloths, which go very well with our menu covers, are made of eco-friendly thick leather, stain-proof, totally waterproof and they double-sided, so they have ecological thick leather on both sides.

The standard measure is 13 x 18 inches but apart from being manufactured to that standard size they can be manufactured to the extent that the customer wants.

For example, a lot of customers choose to have the leather tablecloths made to cover the entire surface of the table and thus save an important money in Industrial laundry, because the tablecloth below does not get dirty.

This is a great way of saving money at the end of the year because usually the client does not notice the Industrial Laundry because he pays it weekly but it accumulates and it is very important money at the end of the year.

All this money is saved with just the use of these full table placemats of 27 by 27 inches or the size of the table.

The individual tablecloth as well as the large table covers are economical when it comes to actually buying them because the performance is enormous.

They last for many years and are easily cleaned with a damp cloth, like our menu covers.

We actually use the leather that was designed and manufactured to make mountain shoes.

Those mountain shoes suffer a very important mistreatment and for that reason we adopted that material for the leather tablecloths because it was very important to make them so resistant, to lasts many years. Because of all these attributes, people when they buy these leather tablecloths are very satisfied and always recommend them, as they recommend our menu covers.

Rhe measure of the thickness of the double sided tablecloth is 5 millimeters and it is completely flat on the table and the corners will never raise on their own.

It can be made in the same color on both sides, or if the client prefers to order it, they can also be made in one color on one side and another color in the other side. The colors available are the same of the menu covers, black, dark brown, red, white and ivory.

They are also manufactured in a more economical version, single-faced tablecloths that have the same ecological leather of the double-sided but only on one side.

It is not the same durability of the double-sided placemat, but it is still a high-quality product, as our menu covers.

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